Boston Clear Ice Cube Company
Upgrade your drink with perfectly clear ice cubes

Time to upgrade your drink
Boston Clear Ice cubes: 
Taste better because they have no impurities. 
Last longer with less surface area. 
Look better than drinks with cloudy ice cubes. 

Naturally Clear
Boston Clear Ice cubes are perfectly clear ice that are purified by nature. Cubes are made by the same process as ice harvested from a frozen lake.
Delivered to you
Boston Clear Ice will deliver to you within the Greater Boston area.
Boston Clear Ice cubes come in two styles: 
  • Faceted cubes are 2"x2"x2" with a bevel on the top.
  • Chiseled cubes vary is size and shape giving an impressive hand crafted appearance to your drink. Rectangular Chiseled cubes are great for tall Tom Collins glasses!
"Boston Clear Ice cubes were the hit of my party. Everyone asked about them!"
Samantha Reeves
"My scotch over one cube--perfection!"
James Torrington
Boston Clear Ice Cube Menu


Thirty-two (32) cubes
2"x2"x2" Faceted cubes packaged in two 1-gallon size zip bags 


Ninety-six (96) cubes
2"x2"x2" Faceted cubes packaged in six 1-gallon size zip bags 


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Upgrade your cocktail, soft drink, iced coffee, and even just your drinking water with Boston Clear Ice cubes.
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